Game Trailer: Fall of Cybertron

Oooh! The Fall of Cybertron… This game as Wii Superfan Thomas Falsetta might say, “looks tight!”



Play This: Journey

I am a huge fan of atmospheric, exploration and puzzle style solo video games. Games that are visually unique with creative new methods of gameplay like Shadow of The Colossus, Ico and Limbo. So when I took thatgamecompany’s latest offering, Journey for a spin, I was NOT let down. This game really is a must play for anyone wanting to try something new. It even has a multi player aspect¬†incorporated into it that I won’t give away. While Journey is a short game, it definitely captures that lonely mood that I look for in games like these. It is truly a work of art. If you have a PS3 and you have $15 then this is the game for you!

New Mass Effect 3 Live Action Trailer


I recently saw this new live action trailer for Mass Effect 3. Although I’m surprised they didn’t hire Dutch model, Mark Vanderloo to play the role of Commander Shepard for obvious reasons…

Mass Effect 3 Vanderloo is Shepard

I’ve been playing the Mas Effect 3 demo in multiplayer mode non stop. It is awesome. Be sure to reserve your copy before it comes out on March 9!

The Last of Us Trailer

In my opinion in terms of writing and gameplay, Naughty Dog is one of the two best developers of video games right now with the Uncharted series. The other being Bioware. At any rate, here’s the teaser for Naughty Dog’s next big project entitled “The Last of Us”. I cannot wait to get my hands on The Last of Us when it comes out. I would imagine that the high concept for this game would probably be The Road meets I Am Legend/ Omega Man.

Mass Effect 3 Trailer – Take Earth Back

Mass Effect 3

For anyone who missed it when it aired during last night’s Walking Dead episode, the latest Mass Effect 3 trailer “Take Earth Back” debuted and man, does it remind me why I’ve been waiting for this game to come out! In my opinion, Mass Effect 2 is by far my most favorite game of all time. The storyline, the character development and gameplay are all over the top. Mass Effect 2 is one of two games that I can honestly say made me feel as though I were the main character of a tv series or movie. That said, if Mass Effect 3 proves to be any better or even equally as good as ME2, then I cannot wait! If you haven’t already downloaded the demo, then you are missing out! The ME3 demo allows you to play through two missions that give you a sense of how the game is played and the plot-line as well. Click on the image above to watch the trailer now!

I’m Back! From Outer Space!

Okay, okay! I would love to tell you all that I was doing important creative things this whole time and that’s why I haven’t blogged in years. That I had moved on to bigger and better things. That I lived happily ever after. The fact of the matter is that my life hasn’t changed one bit. I’ve been slacking off. I’ve let my process addictions take the front seat. In short, I have nothing to say for myself.

You’ve been pestering me for years to resurrect my old blog and one time, I actually tried to start it up again, but I had forgotten my logins and was too lazy to find out how to get back in. But enough excuses! The time for talk is over. The time for action is here. Right now. So today, I submit to you this, my new blog:!
That’s the cleverest thing I could think of that nobody else had taken. Sadly, it describes how I view myself in one word. A little closer than I care to dwell upon.

Truthfully, I’ve missed you. So my intent this time is to stick with it and see how it unfolds. It is my hope that you will join me while I once again bring you all my latest bizarre internet finds, share with you my musings on the goings in the geekful realms of movies, comic books, television, pro wrestling and other interests of mine as well as peppering in my everyday musings and misadventures while figuring out where I fit into this world.

That said, take a listen to my current theme song by Art Brut entitled “DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake” by clicking on the image below!

DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake


    Assemble your @$$ in front of the the movie theater!

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