Akira Bikes: They’re Real and They’re Fabulous!

What else needs to be said? It’s Kaneda’s Bike from Akira. And it’s real!


Seeing Around Walls May Be Just Around The Corner!

These researchers at MIT show off new technology that enables the viewer to see around corners! Watch the video for their explanation of how it works!

Meet The Amish 8!

Read More about The Amish 8 Here!

I am fascinated by The Amish. Every time NatGeo has a documentary about them, I am compelled to watch. These particular Amish Rebels refused to affix the safety orange reflector triangle to the back of their buggies because they deemed them to be “too modern”. Check out their story here.

Eeeew Gross! The Hulkster Caught With His Pants Down!

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If you’re like me and read all the inside internet poop in the world of professional wrestling, you will be elated to hear that The Ultimate Warrior’s prophetic words to Hulk Hogan, “Karma’s coming to collect!” have finally come to fruition!

Hulk Hogan, beloved by children during the 80’s is known throughout the industry to be a man of low character, lacking in integrity, not willing to give back to the business by putting over younger talent and an all around cancer to anything/ everything he touches in professional wrestling. (see the rapid decline of quality in TNA Impact Wrestling since his real life hostile takeover with crony, the infamous Eric Bischoff.)

At any rate, a sex tape featuring The Hulkster engaging in relations with an unidentified brunette has surfaced and The Hulk is none to pleased about it. He’s about to legally run wild over anyone who involved in the tape’s appearance which he has stated he was unaware of during it’s creation. My favorite part of the report is how he brags to the brunette about how he’s started to work out again. All the working out and steroids in the world won’t do a damn thing about your puny disintegrating little legs, you old fool! And another thing, quit TNA now before you completely take the floundering franchise down with you!

Don’t Forget To Take Your Vitamin D3! It May Cure Alzheimer’s Disease!

Learn more about how Vitamin D may be effective against Alzheimer's Disease

A team of scientists may have discovered a way to combat Alzheimer’s Disease! Vitamin D3 has been shown in mice to clear amyloid beta, the main component of plaques found in the brains of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. While it’s still too early to tell if it actually helps, vitamin D3 is a pretty good vitamin to take regularly anyway as far as I can tell. Now if only I wouldn’t stop forgetting to take it…

Deadly New Species of Snake Discovered Down Undah!

Learn More About This Deadly Snake Here!

Australia: Home to many deadly things… Crocodiles, Great White Sharks, Blue Ring Octopi, Crocodiles, Venomous Serpents, Sun Burns, Koalas, Vegemite, Yahoo Serious… Just an all around inhospitable country if you ask me.

And now, to make matters worse? A newly discovered spiny bellied sea snake has been found in the grassy shallows of The Gulf of Carpentaria! Researches say that the reason this snake has been overlooked this whole time is because the area is home to crocodiles and bull sharks so getting into the water is a dangerous proposition.

Playboy Club in Space!

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Esquivel!, eat your heart out!

Playboy has been pondering a future Playboy Club space station in conjunction with Virgin Galactic. The space station club will come complete with Jetpack Adorned Playboy Bunny cocktail waitresses! While it’s still in the concepting phase, it sounds pretty futuristic to me in a very early 1960’s space age lounge music sort of way!


    Assemble your @$$ in front of the the movie theater!

    Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUSJune 8th, 2012
    Ridley's Scott's semi-Alien prequel!

    THE AMAZING SPIDER-MANJuly 3rd, 2012
    I hope it's good...

    THE DARK KNIGHT RISESJuly 20th, 2012

    THE HOBBIT: An Unexpected JourneyDecember 14th, 2012
    Part One of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit