Time Wasters: I’m not sure what to call this…

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Scientifically The Worst Song EVUUUR!

A poll asking people what types of music they least liked was collected and then the data was handed over to a composer in order to turn into “The Most Unwanted Song of All Time”

Click the pic above to here the song and click here to watch an explanation of the project!

Sombody, Please Stuff Me In Your Suitcase!

Find somewhere else to go! 😉

If you’re like me and can’t afford to go anywhere, but love to torment yourself or you actually do have a lot of disposable income, time on your hands and the itch to travel, then look no further. The link above has some amazing photos of places you may or may not have ever heard of that may help narrow down the search for a future adventure abroad!

New Pics for Star Trek Sequel!

Click here for another pic and some spoilers!

Last month filming began on the new J. J. Abrams helmed Star Trek sequel. Some pics from the set recently surfaced. If you want to see them and read a little explanation about them which may spoil some of the story, be sure to click the pic above.

Image Expo Walking Dead Panel

So I was able to pull it together and get my rear down to Image Expo on this fine Saturday. I must say, it was refreshing to go to a comic book convention in Oakland for the first time since Wondercon moved over to San Francisco years ago.

At any rate, I was able to snag a ticket to the Walking Dead panel this afternoon and it was a blast! G4’s Chris Hardwick moderated the panel, although Robert Kirkman was seemed to have to reign his him in and get him to focus at times which was rather amusing. Actors Norman Reedus (Darryl) and Steve Yuen (Glenn) showed up fifteen minutes late and greeted the audience with fun snaps and a stink bomb which filled the entire room and an irritated Robert Kirkman confiscated them from the duo like a grouchy middle school teacher. Overall, we didn’t get much out of Kirkman about things to come for AMC’s The Walking Dead other than the tone of the past two episodes will continue and the show writers and producers want to get to characters from the comic book such as Michonne, Tyrese and The Governor soon. Oh yeah, Kirkman hinted that Darryl may be introduced in the comic book series shortly! It was good to connect with the creator and some of the cast in person. The panel wrapped with the audience and Kirkman goading Norman Reedus to assume his Murphy MacManus role from Boondock Saints and say, “Get your stupid fucking rope!”

Overall, I would say that Image Expo was really everything a real comicbook fan would want: Real comic books. Real comic book artists and writers. And the ability to get into panel discussions with relative ease. Artists alley had a bunch of really cool indie stuff. It’s great to see people out there doing what they love without making excuses as to why they can’t put themselves out there. It inspires me to get my own act together and begin working on something of my own for next year! I keep saying that, but each year I don’t is a year lost, so now is the time. I think I’ll go do some sketching right now. Maybe I’ll occasionally share/ inflict some of my work on you guys.

Thank you Image Comics for making this event a reality!

For anyone that has tomorrow Sunday February 26th free and want to do something fun, try to check out the last day of Image Expo. Tickets start at $20 and kids under 12 get in free with a paid adult.

This Fish Just Upped The Stakes!

Watch this fish outsmart an octopus!

Recently, a tiny jawfish was observed outsmarting an octopus with it’s own medicine. The fish was able to mimic movements of an octopus and match its coloration to the point where the octopus had no idea it was swimming along with it. Scientists aren’t sure if this is a regular behavior of the fish and aren’t even sure exactly whether this fish is a new species or variation of similar jawfish in the area.

Simon Pegg Introduces Us To Judge Dredd

Watch Karl Urban as Judge Dredd here first!

Simon Pegg gives wishes comic book company 2000 A.D. a happy 35th birthday and gives us a first look on what we can expect from Karl Urban’s take on Judge Dredd! And remember: This will be the only time that we see Karl Urban as Judge Dredd sans mask!


    Assemble your @$$ in front of the the movie theater!

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